With more than 20 years of experience in integrated digital communications, Grapevine helps businesses communicate more effectively and efficiently to their customers through our innovative digital communication solutions, increasing profitability and improving overall customer experience.

Solving digital communication challenges across your business


Grapevine helps solve marketing communication challenges across channels by designing and implementing automated solutions which are targeted, personalised and drive ROI.


We provide the technical and strategic expertise to work alongside your IT team in solving technical digital communication requirements while also implementing highly secure and flexible communication solutions.

Customer Service

To help enhance customer service and improve customer satisfaction, Grapevine offers customised communication workflow solutions which improve overall customer experience.

Digitise & Automate Statement Delivery

Cut complexity, reduce costs and save time by sending personalised statements straight to your customer’s mobile phone.

Grapevine provides secure and robust APIs through our digital communications platform (cPAAS) that enables businesses to automate their statements to customers on email, SMS, USSD and MMS. A mobile-friendly digital version of the statement is accessed through a unique link, with a trackable delivery record to ensure each customer has received to the correct statement information.

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Turn Leads Into Revenue Faster

Amplify your marketing efforts by automating personalised, highly targeted, multichannel campaigns.

Grapevine enables your digital communications requirement by combining content, channels, triggers, data, sequencing and other logic, into automated programs running on your behalf on our digital communications platform (cPAAS), at speed and scale. Deliver powerful, rich digital communications across channels through a single, secure platform.

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Fast-track debt collections & reduce costs

Digitise and automate your collections processes to achieve more efficient and effective recoveries, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Provide easy access to debt repayment options via digital channels, and nurture customers through the payment process through automated digital communications. By delivering tailored messages through the right channels in the right sequence will ultimately result in a higher recovery rates and happier customers.

Start driving business growth and ROI.

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Shed internal complexity and reduce time to market

Let us take care of your digital communication workflows so you can focus on your business.

Outsource your digital customer communications to Grapevine and let us help you deliver powerful digital communications to your customers for better business outcomes. We have been managing interactions and communications workflows at scale on behalf of real-time brands and businesses for over a decade. Coupled with our direct carrier-grade connections to South Africa's Mobile Network Operators, and a strong professional services team to assist with onboarding and integrations, you are in safe hands entrusting us with the heavy-lifting of automated digital customer communications.

Technical, commercial and strategic expertise

Let us help you solve your digital communication challenges and drive business growth.

Grapevine helps businesses identify, develop and implement digital communication solutions to help them achieve important business objectives. Our team of digital communication specialists work side-by-side with clients to provide them with the technical, commercial and strategic expertise to custom develop and solve digital communication challenges which are important to their business.

Some of our packaged solutions include:

Communication Integrations

We design, develop and implement integrated digital communication solutions across Email, SMS and USSD

CRM Integrations

Our CRM to Digital communication channel integrations minimises errors and downtime from time tested API development.

Custom API development

Our custom API development across digital communication channels helps save resource time and reduce development costs.

Technical expertise and development

Our technical expertise and development on SMS, USSD, and Email integration requirements helps realise ROI sooner.

Marketing automation integration

Integrate SMS, USSD and more with your marketing automation platform with our reliable and tested APIs which can easily be deployed.

Campaign Management

Let our dedicated team set up and manage your digital marketing campaigns for you across email, social, SMS, USSD, WhatsApp and Telegram.

We make Digital Customer Communications better.

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