Use 5 digit shortcodes for powerful SMS marketing campaigns, lead generation, competitions or information drives. Shortcodes are easy to remember and a sure-fire way to amplify your other marketing initiatives.

Get started

Managed service

Let our dedicated team setup and manage your shortcode campaign for you.

Self-service & APIs

Grapevine offers you the flexibility to set up and manage your campaigns yourself with our Catalyst Shortcode Manager. Alternatively, make use of our developer APIs.

What would you like your target market to do?

  • Respond to a promotion or limited offer
  • Request more information on a product or service
  • Enter a competition
  • Register for an event
  • Request a call-back or more information
  • Receive mobile rewards and vouchers
  • Register a vote or take part in a survey

Features & benefits

Database Compilation

Use a dedicated shortcode and accept all information (e.g. names / email addresses) sent to the shortcode for targeted remarketing.


Make use of keywords to direct replies according to campaign, offer, or client.

Entries / Voting

Allow consumers to reply to a shortcode to automatically be entered into the competition or cast a vote.

Event Registratons

Make it easy for clients and consumers to register for an event.

Lead Generation

Leads generated via SMS shortcodes are automatically passed on to your business.

Mobile Rewards / Vouchers

Send mobile rewards or vouchers.

Shortcode Types

Reverse billed

Client pays for the inbound SMS — not the end-user.

Standard rated

End-user pays a normal SMS fee as per their network contracts.

Premium rated

End-user is charged a premium rate for the inbound SMS and the client must decide what rate will be charged.

More about shortcodes

A shortcode and keyword is typically something a consumer would see on a billboard, a poster, on TV, or even in-store, along with a specific call-to-action. For example, &dlquo;SMS the keyword &slquo;Google&srquo; to &slquo;33221&srquo; to enter.&drquo;

Shortcodes are also a great way to capture consumer data and enrich consumer profiles for future targeted marketing.

How it works

Catalyst Shortcode Manager

Use Catalyst to easily manage your various shortcode campaigns, if you have a few campaigns running at the same time, or when you want to compare how various keywords are performing. A web-based application developed by Grapevine specifically for managing shortcode campaigns & services.

SMS2Email and SMS2HTTP

Grapevine captures all consumer responses sent by SMS to the code, after which they are forwarded to a specified URL or one or more email address.