Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Improve results with AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation solutions

Maximize customer engagement with one-to-one conversations and personalised communications that flows seamlessly across channels at scale. Drive conversions, increase spend and turn customers into brand advocates. Grapevine provides powerful tools & techniques to reach the right customers, where and when they expect to be reached.

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Managed service

Whether it's a special short-term need due to lack of resources or a preference to outsource day-to-day campaign operations, Grapevine provides a team of highly skilled professionals to execute, manage and monitor your email marketing campaigns and marketing automation programs on your behalf.

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Marketing Automation Tools & APIs

Grapevine offers you the flexibility to set up and manage your campaigns yourself with our range of easy-to-use customer journey, analytics and design tools.

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Attract and Capture

Gather and analyse behavioural data to create more complete user profiles

• Web tracking
• Social Audiences
• Landing Pages
• Progressive Forms

Connect and Engage

Reach prospects on a variety of channels and stay top of mind with engaging experiences.

• Email Campaigns
• Omnichannel Delivery
• Mobile Engagement
• Surveys

Nurture Relationships

Build relationships with personalised customer conversations.

• Automated Nurture Programs
• Journey Design

Convert and Expand

Fine-tune your lead funnel for maximum conversion and leverage behavioural and historical data to upsell.

• Lead Management
• Lead Scoring
• CRM Integration

Analyse Results

Make more informed decisions that drive better results.

• Performance Snapshots
• Reporting Dashboards
• Email Insights

Deliver personalised customer experiences at speed & scale.

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