Mobile Engagement

Close the digital marketing loop and deliver measurable ROI with Grapevine's Mobile Engagement Technologies.

  • Create brand awareness and drive product sales
  • Incentivise individuals to purchase a product or participate in a promotion or survey
  • Instantly reward participants for following the campaign call-to-action through delivery of airtime, cash or other kinds of vouchers and coupons onto their phone
  • Collect valuable customer information

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Instant Cash

Instantly reward customers with cash on their mobile devices.

This solution is delivered through the ABSA cash send platform. An SMS is sent to the recipient with the voucher number & PIN.
They can visit any ABSA ATM, no bank card is required and there is no need to be a bank customer in order to get your cash prize.

Airtime Rewards

Boost competition entries and promotion/survey participation with instant airtime rewards.

Grapevine facilitates all mobile interaction and voucher allocation through our Competition Platform in order to ensure a seamless and real-time user experience. The system can accommodate airtime redemption from all major mobile network operators and can also provide detailed reporting.

Voucher Push

Supercharge your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Grapevine has partnered with a number of companies who provide real-time mobile vouchers for major retailers such as Shoprite Checkers, Nando’s and more. Use our platform to target your customer database with coupons and discount offers and manage and track redemption quickly and easily.

Unique Codes

Use unique codes to track and measure campaign and channel-based performance, as well as sales activity.

Our mobile marketing automation platform allows us to generate unique codes to be used on-pack (behind a label, under a bottle top, on a till slip, or on a scratch card). We record each unique code against an identifier so that our system knows exactly which brand, pack and even location each entry is coming from.