Integrated Digital Communications

Seamlessly connect your brand to your customers and provide them with a unified experience across devices and touchpoints. With Grapevine's Integrated Digital Communications Solution, you can engage with your customers across Email, SMS, Mobile App Push, USSD and Social channels.

  • Combine omnichannel communications with marketing automation capability to deliver personalised customer interactions at scale
  • Push your critical message over multiple channels at once

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Deliver personalised omnichannel experiences for your brand.


Grapevine’s SMS products and APIs are reliable, convenient and easy to use.

  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Programmable SMS
  • Email to SMS

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Top brands and companies rely on Grapevine shortcodes to enable SMS interactions with customers, helping them to create greater brand awareness, increase sales and improve customer care. Grapevine offers standard and premium rated, as well as reversed-billed shortcodes.

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An accessible, easy-to-operate mobile communication and service channel.

The most convenient, interactive, accessible channel. No matter the type of handset. USSD allows for instant and ongoing interactivity between company and client. With Grapevine as your trusted mobile engagement partner, you can leverage USSD as an accessible, easy-to-operate mobile communication and service channel.

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