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The Biggest Digital Communication Challenges

Despite the importance that digital communication plays within any organisation, many companies battle to implement and manage their workflows. Before the advent of automated tools, digital communication was typically managed by different departments. It was typically not a cohesive, streamlined process that incorporated all areas of communication. The problem with this...

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5 Biggest Customer Communication Mistakes to Avoid

B2C communication plays an integral part in every aspect of your business. From digital marketing to sales and customer care, how you communicate with your customers makes all the difference. Communication should be a two-way street that allows you to have conversations with your customers. When you see B2C...

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The Next Wave of B2C Communications

In today’s digital era, no brand can afford to overlook its approach to business-to-consumer communications. Customers today expect far more from brands than ever before. The days of standing in queues and spending hours on the phone trying to speak to customer care agents are over. Customers are not...

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How to Choose the Right Digital Communications Platform

The right digital communications platform (cPAAS) can make a massive difference to your business in many ways. In today’s digital world, automation has paved the way for a streamlined experience for customers, helping to drive conversion and increase customer retention. While some enterprise businesses are still not sure whether...

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Digital Communications Solutions for Customer Self-Service

With the right digital communications tools, customer self-service will become far easier. Before the advent of automation, customers had very few options for helping themselves. Whether finding information, lodging feedback or even making enquiries, the primary way for customers to get help was through traditional channels. In the digital...

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