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IBM Watson Campaign Automation becomes ACOUSTIC

IBM has decided to release its Watson Customer Experience (WCE) Software Division in order to focus more tightly on technology infrastructure and associated services. Specifically, as of 15 July 2019, IBM has unbundled the IBM WCA business, including people, systems, software, deployment environments, contracts, partners and other assets, into a...

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Ecommerce Marketing Tricks to Outrank Competitors

Whether you are trying to grow your small store this year or you are battling to keep ahead in your ecommerce marketing goals, there is no doubt that this sector can be incredibly competitive. The mistake that many e-tailers make is assuming that they have to resort to spammy...

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How to Create Powerful Digital Marketing Landing Pages

Landing pages offer a highly effective tool for your digital marketing campaigns, making it easier to trigger specific actions that you want your audience to take. Most commonly used for email marketing, landing pages can also help drive downloads or point people towards specific pages of your website. The...

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Which Email Marketing Metrics Should You Be Tracking?

How do you know whether your email marketing efforts are paying off in the grand scheme of things? Is your data giving you the true story of your growth? Are you focusing on the right metrics or wasting time and effort getting side-tracked by ‘vanity’ metrics that are not...

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How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Digital Marketing

Each year, the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, as new tools become available to marketers and brands. One tool that is certainly worth watching this year is artificial intelligence (AI). Ranging from fully interactive virtual chatbots all the way to smart solutions that aid the decision-making process, AI...

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