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Using Buyer Personas in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Are you using buyer personas as part of your digital marketing campaigns? If not, you may be missing out on the chance to reach your ideal customer on a deeper and more meaningful level. Buyer personas are an integral part of marketing automation personalisation, helping you identify and target...

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Are Bots Ruining Your Lead Scoring Model?

In today’s digital era, automation has become the norm for lead scoring and other digital marketing strategies. Bots are something that not every marketer thinks about too closely. After all, marketing automation itself relies on a fair amount of artificial intelligence. In the right hands, bots and automated programmes...

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How to Map Content for Every Stage in the Lead Nurturing Cycle

If you’re looking for a way to improve your lead nurturing cycle, content mapping offers a valuable, highly effective tool. There is no doubt that lead nurturing plays an integral part of both marketing and sales success. While a large number of leads are qualified almost right away, most...

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How to drive real-time customer engagement

Real-time customer engagement offers a highly effective way to reach customers on a deeper level, building relationships, increasing trust and even enhancing conversion. Done correctly, this type of engagement can offer many rewards. Many businesses tend to either see this as an afterthought or neglect to consider the intricacies...

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Are Your Lead Nurturing Funnels Optimised for Conversion?

If your lead nurturing funnels have been set up without putting much thought into conversion or optimisation, you may be wasting valuable time and effort. You likely know that you need funnels in order to grow your lead nurturing campaigns. A good funnel has the ability to take your...

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