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How to Map the Customer Journey in Digital Marketing

Offering an extremely useful tool in digital marketing, customer journey mapping is a way of visualising the customer experience across various channels. This user-focused strategy highlights the experiences that customers will have with your brand on each channel. It does not have to exactly represent each individual customer’s journey,...

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6 Ways That Lead Nurturing Helps to Reduce Friction Points

The road to lead nurturing is certainly paved with good intentions, but along the way, there are a number of friction points that can set leads off their path quickly. Many companies are baffled when a seemingly hot prospect suddenly goes cold. The reality of lead nurturing, however, is...

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How to Align Your Marketing Strategy Around Customer Experience

Wondering how you can ensure that your marketing strategy and customer experience are on the same page? Despite the huge importance of customer experience, many companies are so focused on their strategies that they forget that no strategy will succeed if customers are not having fun. Customer experience should...

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