USSD Self-service Portal

Instant setup. No coding required. Available on prepaid.

Grapevine’s USSD self-service portal is an extension of Grapevine’s integrated Omnichannel Platform. It provides non-technical users with an easy-to-use self-service web interface to create USSD campaigns from start to finish with no coding required.

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Save time

Rapidly design and deploy USSD-based mobile communications services for a variety of uses.

Cut cost and complexity

Over 60% of all USSD services can be constructed and deployed, by the client, in real-time.

Instant Setup

Simply sign up, buy credits, set up, and go live instantly.

No coding required

Create fairly complex USSD-based services with no coding required.

Immediate feedback

An on-screen emulator is provided for real-time testing, and real-time reports are provided on live services.

Update in real-time

The graphically rich interface makes it easy for anyone to create, test, deploy and modify innovative USSD campaign flows in real-time.

Free signup

Signing up for Grapevine’s Self-service Portal is easy and it’s free! Get a FREE USSD string for 30 days, and 10 free credits (1 credit = R1) when you sign up.

Proxy Service

Managed Proxy Service option allows clients to "roll-out their own" if they require advanced integration into their backend systems.

SMS Triggers

Triggering of external services such as SMS confirmations, or simple calls to external web services to get or post single units of information.

*100 (20sec) USSD sessions free with sign-up.

USSD is a convenient and cost-effective way to create two-way conversations with your customers in real-time on any mobile device.

USSD is often used for:

  • Customer surveys and polls
  • On-pack competition entries
  • Secure sending of one-time pins
  • Account balance enquiries
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Account applications
  • Identity verifications
  • Customer care queries

Build & execute USSD-based mobile communications services in less than 5 minutes!

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