Bulk SMS

Personal. Timely. Relevant.

Multimillion SMS marketing campaigns take special skills to deliver. At Grapevine we not only have dedicated hardware infrastructure for delivering bulk SMS but we also have the experience — we have worked with South Africa’s largest retailers for over 15 years. Grapevine is a single point of service for all your mobile engagement needs.

What can Bulk SMS be used for?

  • Bulk marketing campaigns
  • Promotional announcements
  • Quick messaging to large groups

Features & benefits


Send one standard message to all recipients.

Scheduling & Time Windows

Specify the delivery schedule including the delivery time windows.

Messaging Personalization

Personalise messages e.g. name, account number, account balance, etc.

SMS Concatenation

If your SMS is longer than 160 characters, you can request concatenation to extend the size to up to 700 characters.


Reporting is sent to you three days after a bulk send.


Price on application.

More about Bulk SMS

Millions of marketing messages are delivered every day on behalf of our clients. By making use of mobile messaging, these organisations have the ability to interact digitally with customers and other stakeholders in a personal, timely and relevant manner. We have a dedicated, highly experienced team to assist you with your managed campaigns.

Our team is able to run your bulk SMS campaign according to your unique specifications and make sure that important aspects such as accurate mobile data, dynamic personalisation, message scheduling, delivery time windows and opt-in statuses are always taken into account.

Our services comply with ECT, WASPA, DMA, CPA and telco codes of conduct to ensure your corporate brand is protected from potential penalties and related brand-erosion.