About Grapevine

Helping brands & businesses digitise and automate their customer-facing business processes and communication workflows.

Our Purpose

Since 2001, Grapevine has been on a mission to help businesses achieve better outcomes by improving their digital communications. Today, over 400 large consumer businesses and brands use Grapevine's digital communications solutions and services to digitise and automate their customer communications.

Comprised of an integrated Digital Communications Platform as a Service (cPAAS), Grapevine gives businesses the tools they need to transform their customer engagement on any channel, reducing complexity, time-to-value, and reliance on scarce development resource.

Our People

Our local team of digital communication specialists guides businesses along every step of their digital marketing journey and work side-by-side with clients to help them bridge the gap between creativity, strategy and execution to achieve maximum results.

Highly reliable. Price competitive. Experienced. Flexible. Trusted.

Why leading brands choose Grapevine

Performance & Reliability

Credentialed as a Tier-1 Aggregator, Grapevine has direct SMPP and SS7 connections to local Mobile Network Operators. This means we are able to provide the most stable connectivity and ensure maximum deliverability.

Speed & Scale

We deliver close to 2 billion customer interactions annually across digital channels, enabling us to provide high quality messaging at attractive pricing.

Track record

We serve over 400 large brands and businesses in South Africa across retail; financial services; travel; telco; and media sectors.

Fast, effective local support

Resolve issues quickly and efficiently with our local support team. Our team of digital communication specialists can also work side-by-side with clients to help them along every step of their customer communications journey.

Simple APIs developers love

Our powerful communication APIs are quick and easy to implement and can be used to integrate with a wide variety of systems and platforms.

We handle the complex stuff

We get you to market 10X faster than you doing it yourself, cutting complexity and freeing up your own developer to do what they do best, focusing on your core business.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To provide businesses with an integrated digital communications cloud platform (cPAAS) to automate their customer communication workflows and accelerate business processes in digital lead generation, sales funnel nurtures, mobile statement and document delivery, collections and more.

Our Vision

We believe that digital transformation is the lifeline for businesses today and the key to unlocking business growth. That is why we strive to help businesses on their path to digital transformation by digitising and automating their customer-facing business processes and communication workflows.

Our Core Values

  • Customer centric – we always keep customer satisfaction in mind
  • Rigorous in performance – we do it right
  • Reliable – we make sure it works properly, and offer a money-back guarantee if we don’t meet our SLA with you
  • Always looking for ways to simplify complexities for clients, and for smarter ways to do things