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How to Get More From Your Mobile Marketing Messaging

Mobile marketing offers an instant, highly effective tool, allowing you to target large numbers of people in a short time in a way that drives engagement and visibility. While a good mobile marketing strategy incorporates an omnichannel approach, integrating social media, app development, text, and other types of mobile strategy,...

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4 Mistakes That May Be Preventing Mobile Engagement

There is no doubt that mobile engagement is key to succeeding in today’s highly competitive era of mobile. If you are not putting thought into your mobile campaigns, you can be sure that your competitors are busy crafting campaigns that are designed to reach customers quickly and easily. Failing...

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Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

As we progress further into the year, a number of interesting mobile marketing trends for 2017 are proving yet again that mobile is the way of the future. According to a comScore US mobile app report, mobile usage accounts for 60% of time spent online, while desktop usage makes...

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