Top retail brand opens up new source of revenue and increases customer engagement


A leading home shopping retailer wanted to drive new revenue by extending their value-added services (VAS) offering over a new channel. They were looking for a channel that their customer base of over 4 million would be familiar with and likely to engage with.


Grapevine designed, built, and implemented a custom USSD VAS service, which allows customers to easily purchase Airtime, Data, or Electricity on their account or credit card, through a USSD session.

Working closely with the 3rd party VAS services provider, the Grapevine team designed and developed the custom USSD flow, managing all API integrations and integrations into 3rd party systems, as well as managing and maintaining the USSD service itself.


  • A new source of revenue opened up for the business
  • Increased engagement with the brand via a new channel
  • Improved customer satisfaction through convenient value-added service
  • Re-engagement of inactive customers