Industry insights via the Grapevine

How to drive real-time customer engagement

Real-time customer engagement offers a highly effective way to reach customers on a deeper level, building relationships, increasing trust and even enhancing conversion. Done correctly, this type of engagement can offer many rewards. Many businesses tend to either see this as an afterthought or neglect to consider the intricacies...

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Are Your Lead Nurturing Funnels Optimised for Conversion?

If your lead nurturing funnels have been set up without putting much thought into conversion or optimisation, you may be wasting valuable time and effort. You likely know that you need funnels in order to grow your lead nurturing campaigns. A good funnel has the ability to take your...

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The Best Tried and Tested Email Marketing Strategies

While there is no doubt that an integrated approach offers the most value, email marketing strategies show no sign of becoming redundant any time soon. In fact, studies continue to show that email still has a high ROI compared to other digital strategies. A recent Email Marketing Industry Report...

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Omnichannel and USSD: What you need to know

If you are looking for a cost-effective addition to your omnichannel strategy that adds plenty of value, USSD codes offer an excellent way to expand your mobile engagement. Every single year, technology continues to adapt and grow, making it easier to reach out to customers across a broad range...

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How Duplicate Data Kills Your Lead Generation Efforts

One of the most frustrating issues in email marketing, duplicate data can be disastrous for lead generation. In short, duplication refers to data that is duplicated in any form, resulting in multiple records for a single lead or company. Needless to say, marketing automation requires highly accurate data in...

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