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Mobile Moments – what’s the IDEA?

The world is experiencing a mobile mind shift; your customers are experiencing a mobile mind shift.  A recent survey in the US found that 62% of smartphone users expect to find mobile-friendly websites; 42% of them expect to find a mobile app. And the trend is upwards. That’s a pretty compelling reason to have an app. But another survey...

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Why Worry about Mobile Engagement?

Most decent-sized firms and brands that sell to retail consumers have long realized that their need to engage over digital mobile channels has moved from being a mere add-on dialog, to now becoming fundamentally strategic. Mobile is now widely recognized as a primary engagement point into a consumer’s mind...

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The Shift to Mobile Consumer Engagement

Since the introduction of IT to the business world in the 1980s companies evolved through a series of technology waves from internally focused systems (e.g. RDBMS, OLTP) then increasingly toward more distributed technology through client-server and internet systems in 1990s, to outward facing cloud systems (e.g. SAAS, PAAS) in...

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