Tips and insights via the Grapevine

The maturing of mobile loyalty apps

As an avid user of mobile apps – and as something of a UX freak (that’s “User Experience” or the holistic study of user interaction), it’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of customer and mobile loyalty apps in South Africa. A good example is the Pick ‘n Pay...

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CASE STUDY: Heineken Cities Campaign

The Ask: Heineken ran an innovative campaign which included various above the line, below the line, digital and mobile elements. The main objectives of the campaign were to increase sales and drive visibility and awareness of their new bottle formats. The Answer: To participate, consumers could purchase a Heineken and send the unique under-liner code using USSD....

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Do you understand your Customers’ Digital Intelligence Levels?

What is Digital Intelligence (Di)? Digital Intelligence is the level to which a mobile user interacts and communicates from their mobile device. Some users may only use their mobile phone to make voice calls and send and receive text messages (low Di level), while other users may have WAP enabled (internet access), apps installed, buy goods...

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4 Steps to avoid failure on mobile

Here are some key points for business and brands to reduce the risk of failure on Mobile: Know what main problem you want to solve – where is it on the consumer lifecycle of awareness, attraction, acquisition, affinity or advocacy? Get a mobile engagement strategy and plan. Your mobile...

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Mobile Moments – what’s the IDEA?

The world is experiencing a mobile mind shift; your customers are experiencing a mobile mind shift.  A recent survey in the US found that 62% of smartphone users expect to find mobile-friendly websites; 42% of them expect to find a mobile app. And the trend is upwards. That’s a pretty compelling reason to have an app. But another survey...

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