Industry insights via the Grapevine

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019 and beyond

If email marketing is not already part of your digital marketing strategy, now is the time to invest in this channel. Done right, emails have the power to help your customer acquisition as well as customer retention efforts. Despite the advantages that email marketing offers as part of an...

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How Marketing Automation Helps the Events Industry

Here on the Grapevine Interactive blog, we’ve shared some tips on how marketing automation helps a huge range of industries, from real estate to the pharmaceutical industry, travel industry, and retail sector. Today, we’re taking a look at how automation helps the events industry. Essentially falling within the B2B...

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8 Mobile Marketing Mistakes Ruining Your Engagement

If you are not already integrating mobile marketing into your broader strategy, you are missing out on a huge potential to reach your audience quickly and easily. Mobile continues to be a channel that offers many benefits, from brand awareness all the way to increased sales. What many businesses...

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IBM Watson Campaign Automation becomes ACOUSTIC

IBM has decided to release its Watson Customer Experience (WCE) Software Division in order to focus more tightly on technology infrastructure and associated services. Specifically, as of 15 July 2019, IBM has unbundled the IBM WCA business, including people, systems, software, deployment environments, contracts, partners and other assets, into a...

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Ecommerce Marketing Tricks to Outrank Competitors

Whether you are trying to grow your small store this year or you are battling to keep ahead in your ecommerce marketing goals, there is no doubt that this sector can be incredibly competitive. The mistake that many e-tailers make is assuming that they have to resort to spammy...

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