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How to Get Your Digital Transformation Plans Off the Ground

Digital transformation is a term that is often used – in some cases, overused. Although it sounds like a buzzword, all it really means is investing in a company-wide commitment to digital technology. Whether that means adopting tools such as marketing automation across every department or taking a good,...

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Best Ways to Improve Your Lead Scoring Accuracy

There is no doubt that lead scoring offers a highly effective way to streamline your lead generation efforts. Scoring leads allows you to separate the high value leads from those that have little to no chance of ever converting. It also helps you clean up your lists, which, in...

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Lead Nurturing Predictions for 2019

Over the last year, lead nurturing has continued to evolve and adapt. For smart marketers and businesses, lead nurturing offers a way to not only bring in more conversions, but also strengthen relationships, boost customer retention rates, and even grow reputation across multiple channels. If you are not yet...

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How to Map the Customer Journey in Digital Marketing

Offering an extremely useful tool in digital marketing, customer journey mapping is a way of visualising the customer experience across various channels. This user-focused strategy highlights the experiences that customers will have with your brand on each channel. It does not have to exactly represent each individual customer’s journey,...

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Boost Customer Retention With These Email Ideas

Wondering how to increase your customer retention strategies? There are a few email campaigns that can make a huge difference to your results. Even a simple welcome email can help to make the right impression, right from the very start. While there is no doubt that email offers a...

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