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How to Map the Customer Journey in Digital Marketing

Offering an extremely useful tool in digital marketing, customer journey mapping is a way of visualising the customer experience across various channels. This user-focused strategy highlights the experiences that customers will have with your brand on each channel. It does not have to exactly represent each individual customer’s journey,...

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Boost Customer Retention With These Email Ideas

Wondering how to increase your customer retention strategies? There are a few email campaigns that can make a huge difference to your results. Even a simple welcome email can help to make the right impression, right from the very start. While there is no doubt that email offers a...

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Effective Retargeting Strategies to Drive Engagement

If you are not incorporating retargeting strategies into your digital marketing plans, you are missing out on a chance to reach customers and improve your conversion rates at the same time. If you have been battling to see an increase in engagement through your digital marketing strategies, you are...

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How to Get More From Your Mobile Marketing Messaging

Mobile marketing offers an instant, highly effective tool, allowing you to target large numbers of people in a short time in a way that drives engagement and visibility. While a good mobile marketing strategy incorporates an omnichannel approach, integrating social media, app development, text, and other types of mobile strategy,...

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Using Buyer Personas in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Are you using buyer personas as part of your digital marketing campaigns? If not, you may be missing out on the chance to reach your ideal customer on a deeper and more meaningful level. Buyer personas are an integral part of marketing automation personalisation, helping you identify and target...

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