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5 reasons to start prioritizing mobile engagement

It’s no secret that people are mobile mad in this day and age. In 2011, there were already 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion owned a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion owned a toothbrush. That’s an interesting, though somewhat disturbing, opportunity… whether you’re in the mobile...

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The effect of mobile connectivity on Netflix in SA

A wave of excitement swept across the country with the news of video-on-demand provider; Netflix; officially launching in South Africa. What this means is unlimited viewing of movie and TV series – anytime, on any internet-connected screen, at a monthly flat rate. But even though ownership of smart devices...

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USSD for mobile consumer engagement

The terms ‘mobile engagement’ and ‘USSD’ make incongruous partners: Mobile engagement is the buzz-phrase of the moment, while USSD is often regarded as an archaic hangover from the days of feature phones. While the market penetration of smartphones in South Africa is increasing, one thing is for sure: the...

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Choosing a mobile rewards system

Talk to any HR specialist, and they’ll tell you that employee engagement is much more than simply offering rewards. But in the same breath, they’ll agree that, done the right way, incentives can play a large role in keeping employees inspired and motivated. In just one example, 78% of...

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