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How to Craft the Perfect Email Subject Line

Email subject lines can be a make or break factor for any marketing campaign. The subject line is the very first that recipients see when your email arrives in their inbox. Much like it takes an instant for a first impression to be made in the real world, recipients...

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5 Important Advantages of Behavioural Marketing

Behavioural marketing is slowly but surely changing the way that brands and consumers interact on the web. This targeting approach uses a number of techniques that enable websites and advertisers to reach more people, based on specific behaviours. If you have ever received a carefully positioned email from Amazon...

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Getting the Most Out of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

How much difference do abandoned shopping cart emails really make? And, more importantly, do these emails actually help to recover a sale before it’s lost forever? In a study done by Statistia, the reasons for a consumer to abandon a shopping cart range from unforeseen costs to finding a...

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What Influences Email Open Rates the Most

Just how much control do you have over email open rates? A lot more than you may realise, actually. Every single day, consumers are bombarded with messages from brands – through social media, text messaging and email. Thanks to constant growth within mobile technology, brands have more ways to...

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5 Omnichannel Best Practices to keep top of mind in 2017

The entire concept of omnichannel rests on the desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience. It describes a coordinated and consistent strategy for engaging and interacting with your customers as well as your potential customers at any and every channel touchpoint in the customer journey. Whether you’re already going...

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