One of South Africa’s leading financial services providers runs a large call centre that processes inbound sales. New regulations and compliance procedures had to be applied on the way of working in call centres during C19 lockdown, and this had to be effectively communicated to sales agents countrywide. What they needed was a rapid and cost-effective way to deliver mobile-friendly digital versions of these time-sensitive documents, with a trackable delivery record to be sure each individual sales agent have received the correct new protocols to be implemented. Urgently needing a mobile communications solution for their digital delivery, they approached Grapevine for a simple, cost-effective solution.


Grapevine assisted them through its Active SMS solution, using Grapevine’s cPAAS Media API, the SMS channel, and unique trackable linking.


Going forward, we are sure to see more of these types of smart employee engagements, not only delivering near-term cost efficiencies, but also long-term strategic value by investing more in digital channels to improve business efficiency and continuity.

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