Bridgevine powers customer acquisition solutions through its next generation technology platform. It thrives in a digital market where product and service supply from leading service brands intersects with residential and SMB customer demand. Participating partners in the telecommunications, cable, satellite, home security, and energy sectors delight in acquiring new customers, building brand loyalty and unlocking new revenue streams. Bridgevine’s technology platform has generated over USD15 billion in annual recurring revenue for business partners since its inception in 2003.


Bridgevine was looking for a more effective way to help ensure prospective customers followed through on scheduling an appointment.


With the help of IBM® Marketing Cloud, Bridgevine’s marketing team implemented an automated email and SMS campaign to proactively increase conversions.


Bridgevine achieved a call-back rate of 33 percent, increased conversions by 300 percent, and expanded the SMS program, with 30 percent of new email prospects also opting in for SMS.

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