The effect of mobile connectivity on Netflix in SA

A wave of excitement swept across the country with the news of video-on-demand provider; Netflix; officially launching in South Africa. What this means is unlimited viewing of movie and TV series – anytime, on any internet-connected screen, at a monthly flat rate.

But even though ownership of smart devices is constantly on the increase, indicating potential growth for video-on-demand, the issue of affordability and accessibility of mobile connectivity remains a challenge in South Africa.

According to a recent report on IOL; 

“internet accessibility and internet data costs in the country could play a big factor in determining the video-on-demand market’s growth or its stagnancy.”

Said Dr. Alex Rummel,  information technology expert and director at Grapevine Interactive: “There is a difference in growth overseas versus South Africa as free bandwidth is less available in public places (Wifi hotspots) and mobile bandwidth (3G/4G) is more costly in South Africa.

“People are increasingly attempting to stream content to their phones and tablets. Mobile networks are starting to target this sector through dedicated and bigger data bundles and I believe a reasonable offering (cost-to-value) will emerge over the next two to three years.”

For more information, read the full article on IOL.

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