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How Digital Marketing Personalisation Drives Customer Engagement

In our guide to digital marketing strategies driving engagement, we talked about how personalisation is a highly important strategy to include. When you stop to think about how quickly the purchasing decision is made in today’s super fast, customer-centric era, you will quickly see how easy it is to...

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Selling Marketing Automation Tools to Your CIO

While your marketing and sales team view marketing automation tools as a way to convert more leads, your IT department will not be too concerned about the marketing aspects of this tool. Instead of focusing on benefits such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, market segmentation and other marketing based...

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How Marketing Automation Helps the Pharmaceutical Industry

How does marketing automation help pharmaceutical businesses? These tools offer a huge range of benefits to just about every industry. According to the 2014 Mintigo State of the Marketing Technology Industry report, health and pharmaceuticals have one of the highest rates of adoption for marketing automation. As the industry...

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