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5 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics That Add Real Value

You have a lead nurturing strategy in place, but is it driving real value? If your nurturing strategies are not designed to drive maximum conversion, you may be wasting your time and effort. If, on the other hand, you are not doing any type of lead nurturing at all,...

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8 Best Practices to Follow for Effective Mobile Marketing

Over the decades, as mobile technology evolves, mobile marketing has evolved, too. The emergence of smartphones has changed the face of mobile, taking it from purely text based solutions such as SMS marketing to a richer, relationship-driven channel that offers marketers more ways to engage with users than ever...

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5 Ways to Increase Mobile Engagement

Image: According to the 2016 KPCB Internet Trends Report, the average global number of apps installed on a typical consumer’s phone is 33. Around 12 of those apps are used daily, with around three of those apps making up 80% or more of total app usage. About four...

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