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The Real Cost of Customer Acquisition in Digital Marketing

In the constant effort to drive more sales, many businesses are so focused on customer acquisition that they forget to consider the real cost of gaining new customers in digital marketing. There is no doubt that customer retention can often be a far more affordable solution, offering a cost-effective...

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10 Signs Your Customer Retention Strategy is Broken

If you thought that you did not need to put too much effort into a customer retention strategy, think again. Too many brands put all of their budgets, resources and effort into lead nurturing and other strategies designed to bring in new customers, with little to no thought on...

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Lead Nurturing Strategies to Increase Lifetime Loyalty

We know how important customer retention is as part of your lead nurturing strategies, but what about lifetime loyalty? Despite the obvious benefits offered by retention and long-term loyalty, many businesses are so focused on bringing in new customers that they forget how much value long-term customers have to...

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