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Market Segmentation Mistakes That Are Setting You Back

There is no doubt that market segmentation offers plenty of benefits, from increase open rates to better engagement. Segmented campaigns are fast becoming the norm for email marketing experts who are aiming to get more effective results from their efforts. To show just how much of an impact segmentation...

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How Marketing Automation Helps Your Conversion Rates

You know that marketing automation makes life simpler, but did you know how much it can help your business convert more customers? A 2016 EmailMonday report titled ‘The Ultimate Marketing Automation Stats’ notes that around 49% of companies use automation, with 55% of B2B companies automating their strategies. Despite...

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10 Signs Your Behavioural Marketing Strategy is Failing

Behavioural marketing is slowly but surely becoming an integral strategy for many businesses, offering a number of advantages that range from increased conversion to optimised campaigns. Despite the obvious advantages of behaviour marketing, there is still a huge demand for a more targeted approach to marketing. A 2015 Email...

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