We deliver data-driven customer experiences on any channel or device.

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Grapevine is a single point of service for all your mobile engagement needs

Why leading brands choose Grapevine

We are specialists

Our experience with numerous top businesses and brands in the banking, insurance; retail; healthcare; telco; and media sectors, to name a few, has enabled us to understand that every business has its own unique requirements and obstacles.

We keep great company

We value each client relationship and prioritise finding the best, most cost-effective solutions to help them overcome their business challenges. This is why we invest in knowledgeable business analysts and expert salespeople.

We deliver results

We aim to always unlock more opportunities through the power of mobile because, when used effectively, we truly believe that mobile can bring incredible transformation to any business or brand.

What we do

Grapevine helps organisations connect their business processes and applications to our Enterprise-grade Automated Communications and Marketing Cloud. We provide our clients with simple and effective access to omnichannel communication across Web, Push, SMS, USSD and Email. At the same time we offer cloud-based access to world-class marketing orchestration technology, with capabilities such as customer journey mapping, behaviour tracking and analysis, device analytics and profile hosting.

Our services

We provide easy access to our suite of reliable and scalable mobile-first consumer-engagement services, such as mobile reward delivery (cash and airtime), mobile vouchering and codes, and mobile surveys and campaigns.

For organisations requiring ongoing private and secure communication with their members / communities, Grapevine provides access to our next-gen closed-group app messaging platform which includes rich content delivery and document distribution on mobile.

About the company

Grapevine is an Enterprise-Grade Automated Communications and Marketing Cloud that enables businesses to automate their engagement with their customers. For more than 16 years, we have been helping organisations solve their business problems through our trusted mobile platforms and solutions.

Highly reliable. Price competitive. Experienced. Flexible. Trusted.

Engage. Reward. Target.

Our mobile engagement philosophy

We’ve broken the mobile engagement process down into these three fundamental activities that are technology-mediated and inter-related.

The process of engaging, rewarding, and targeting a mobile audience needs to be repeated over time in order for the brand to establish a purposeful mobile ‘umbilical cord’ to the desired audience.

These activities aren’t new; it’s the way they are now able to be implemented that makes all the difference.

All three pillars have to be in place in order to raise the level of useful mobile consumer interactions in an actionable context:

  • Engage: The ability and permission to communicate
  • Reward: The ability to reward desirable consumer behavior
  • Target: The ability to exchange data for mutual benefit