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Lead Generation

How Duplicate Data Kills Your Lead Generation Efforts

One of the most frustrating issues in email marketing, duplicate data can be disastrous for lead generation. In short, duplication refers to data that is duplicated in any form, resulting in multiple records for a single lead or company. Needless to say, marketing automation requires highly accurate data in...

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A Better Way to Qualify Sales Leads

Do you have a process to qualify sales leads, or are you wasting time on leads that have little to no hope of converting? When the qualification process is treated as an after-thought, it becomes far too easy for lucrative leads to be lost in a sea of poor...

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Lead Generation Strategies for Smart Upselling and Cross-Selling

If upselling and cross-selling are not included in your lead generation strategies, now is the time to start thinking about how you sell to your customers. Often used interchangeably, both of these strategies have a similar goal: to increase the average order spend while adding value to customers. Before...

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