Industry insights via the Grapevine

How Marketing Automation Helps the Travel Industry

Although marketing automation has been shown to be a useful tool for just about every industry, from small businesses to technology, marketing and many others, it offers unique benefits for each industry. In retail business for example, automation helps stores source and retain customers through targeted campaigns designed to...

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Selling Marketing Automation Tools to Your CEO

While marketers are well aware of the benefits offered by marketing automation tools, it is not always as easy to sell the idea to upper level executives. How can you present your CEO with a reasonable, insightful proposal that indicates the biggest benefits of automation? Better still, how can...

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How to Boost Marketing Automation Results for Retail

While there is no doubt that marketing automation offers results for any type of industry, it is especially useful within the retail space. A 2015 study done by Forrester Research shows that email makes up a large percentage of the online budgets of marketers, second only to search in...

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5 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics That Add Real Value

You have a lead nurturing strategy in place, but is it driving real value? If your nurturing strategies are not designed to drive maximum conversion, you may be wasting your time and effort. If, on the other hand, you are not doing any type of lead nurturing at all,...

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