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Grapevine launches DIY USSD self-service portal for agencies and brands

Grapevine has released its cutting-edge USSD self-service portal. With no coding required, marketing and CRM professionals can rapidly design USSD-based mobile communication services for a variety of uses. USSD is a convenient and cost-effective way to create two-way conversations with your customers in real-time. By dialling a simple USSD...

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How to Steer Past Marketing Automation Roadblocks

If it feels like you are running around in circles and not getting anywhere with your marketing automation efforts, you’re not alone. It takes time and effort to start seeing results. It also takes a well-established strategy to ensure that you are not hitting roadblocks on your path to...

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How to Build Trust Across Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

With data breaches becoming a very real concern for consumers, trust has never been a more topical issue within the broader lead nurturing arena. Today’s consumers have plenty to worry about when entering their information online. Although most ethical marketers are able to ensure that data remains protected and...

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Effective Ways to Reduce Digital Marketing Adoption Barriers

Adoption is, without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges to digital marketing success. Your marketing team may have the best-laid plans, but, without company-wide adoption, it will become virtually impossible to get even some of those plans off the ground. Whether this comes down to a lack of...

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The Real Cost of Customer Acquisition in Digital Marketing

In the constant effort to drive more sales, many businesses are so focused on customer acquisition that they forget to consider the real cost of gaining new customers in digital marketing. There is no doubt that customer retention can often be a far more affordable solution, offering a cost-effective...

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