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6 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement

Customer engagement has become something of a buzzword when it comes to digital marketing strategies. While it has certainly become a useful label to open up discussions on repeat purchases, customer retention, and brand loyalty, it goes far deeper than its more obvious benefits. First, the bad news. Engagement...

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3 Lead Scoring Mistakes (And How to Prevent Them) – Part 2

In part 1 of our guide to lead scoring mistakes, we covered mistakes such as not scoring leads at all, not using clean data, and not separating demographic and behavioural scores. Today, we will be focusing on some additional mistakes, which include ignoring third party data, not having a...

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How Marketing Automation Helps the Real Estate

In the often competitive real estate industry, marketing automation offers a powerful tool. A quick look at some recent statistics over the last few years illustrates the huge need for automation, especially from a lead nurturing point of view. These statistics are as follows: 44% of home buyers purchased...

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Selling Marketing Automation Tools to Your Developer

While your CEO is concerned about ROI, your CFO is focused on the value of marketing automation tools and your marketing head is thinking about streamlined processes, your developer has his own concerns. There is no doubt that marketing automation has enabled companies of all sizes to reach more...

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5 Signs That Your Email Marketing Strategy is Killing Conversion

Are your email marketing efforts hitting the mark, or killing your chances of conversion? Many marketers delve head first into their marketing strategies, without stopping to consider whether every single action is truly worthwhile. Although your strategy may get you more followers, and ultimately, more sales, it may be...

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