Industry insights via the Grapevine

Choosing a mobile rewards system

Talk to any HR specialist, and they’ll tell you that employee engagement is much more than simply offering rewards. But in the same breath, they’ll agree that, done the right way, incentives can play a large role in keeping employees inspired and motivated. In just one example, 78% of...

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CASE STUDY: Rich-media SMS campaign for DStv

The Ask: As a festive season incentive, DStv wanted to send a R100 discount voucher via rich-media SMS to a certain selection of their subscribers with a holiday greeting message. For some subscribers, they had email addresses; for others, they only had mobile numbers. The Answer: An email...

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SMS & USSD: Old-school but powerful

‘Another day another dollar.’ Not that easy these days, is it? Consumers have evolved dramatically and marketers have to have all their ducks in a row if they want their marketing campaigns to succeed. Throwing the entire marketing budget at the latest tech, or only relying on a Facebook...

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Getting started with employee engagement

“Well, Mr. CEO, how many people work for your company?” “About half of them!” It may be an old joke, but there’s more than a grain of truth in it and the importance of employee engagement is well recognized; a brief scan of the Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Report reveals...

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CASE STUDY: Heineken Win Every Minute of the Match

The Ask: Heineken ran their annual UEFA Champions League sponsorship with various digital components. This year they decided to add something new and exciting to their mobile campaign to engage with their consumers on a level that they would be intrigued & respond to – in real-time, while watching the...

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