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10 Signs Your Behavioural Marketing Strategy is Failing

Behavioural marketing is slowly but surely becoming an integral strategy for many businesses, offering a number of advantages that range from increased conversion to optimised campaigns. Despite the obvious advantages of behaviour marketing, there is still a huge demand for a more targeted approach to marketing. A 2015 Email...

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Email Marketing Practices to Avoid

Truly successful email marketing has a lot to do with trust. The average consumer receives a number of emails each day. A survey conducted by Adobe in 2016 showed that the time spent checking email increased 17% year on year. The same study showed that 69% of respondents checked...

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Down to Basics: Understanding Lead Management

Lead management has become an integral aspect of many marketing campaigns, ranging from email marketing to social media and even digital advertising. Essentially, leads are vital to just about every single business, whether online or offline. Understanding how (and why) leads are captured and nurtured will help you get...

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What Not to Include in Your Marketing Automation Strategy

According to a report titled the State of Digital Marketing 2016, 74% of marketers interviewed in the survey stated that marketing automation had made life easier. In that same report, marketers noted that the benefits of automation included increased customer engagement (68%), increased time spent on communications (58%) and...

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Why Your Email Campaigns Should be Personalised

With the huge volume of emails received each day, it goes without saying that personalised email campaigns have a far greater chance of being opened and read compared to generic emails. Whether an email contains your name in the subject line or body, or it is presenting a unique...

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